Baumbach Name Iinformation about Baumbach plumbing, the first women master plumber in the World, Baumbach's looking for Baumbach's, the history of Baumbach plumbing from Arlington Virginia and Fairfax Virginia, the history of the Baumbach family name and much more...

Never Before Seen Family Pictures

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WendyUN35.jpg (30360 bytes)

WmMomAndyErGb41.jpg (35945 bytes)


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NoreenWilliamBoat32.jpg (24287 bytes)


NoreenAndyUN33.jpg (34179 bytes)



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LoriUN34.jpg (25554 bytes)

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LindaJayWedding31.jpg (30924 bytes)

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GbNorStevLinda40.jpg (29962 bytes)

ErGbLinda42.jpg (28769 bytes)

AnWmStLo43.jpg (35784 bytes)


LillianWithKidAtHome.jpg (20463 bytes)

Lillian and Wendy?

LillianAtParty.jpg (21596 bytes)

George William Jacobs and Lillian Baumbach Jacobs

WilliamAndyInBoat.jpg (26056 bytes)

Andy & William in boat

AndyPissing.jpg (25764 bytes)

Need I explain? this is Andy PISSING

WilliamInDress.jpg (17700 bytes)

Here is a good one Andy & William I bet Lori had something to do with this! (This is the old style plumbing uniform)

LindaWilliamLori.jpg (26396 bytes)

Linda William Lori

DadInWaterInUnderWare.jpg (20296 bytes)


MomOnBeach.jpg (20721 bytes)


MomAndyBlackEye.jpg (15696 bytes)

Andy with a black eye and mom (are we a little old for baby food?)

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