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Search for pictures of Baumbachs on Google Robert Michael Baumbach R M Baumbach Photography Pennsylvania. David Baumbaugh's Family Tree by Hal Baumbach in Texas Looking for that one of a kind, Unique gift? All the products you will find on this site are hand-crafted by, Ray Baumbach and made with intricately detailed wood and parts. Glassblowing Specialists providing Silica Quartz and Borosilicate laboratory glassware for over 25 years Photography by Dan Baumbach In German, computer related site I am a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ally Baumbach in German Bill Baumbach the Baumbachs in Germany in both German and English a vacation place. Wolfgang Baumbach Willkommen auf der Homepage der Familie Baumbach The Road Warrior's Den. Adam Baumbach Werner Baumbach  Wolfgang Baumbach in both German and English Management Consulting
Marketing - Training Exhibition Coordination  Dr. Baumbach is a Professor of Education, Instructional Technology Programs, at the University of Central Florida, where she has been on the faculty for 18 years. the Baumbachs in Germany I came across a building in Milwaukee WI named Baumbach.... Hello, Yes, indeed there is! It's not among the most well-known of Milwaukee's buildings, but it's definitely there. It's located in a trendy, artsy, "Third Ward" area of Milwaukee. The only information I have is from Zimmermann's book (see website): "Designed by Milwaukee architect Eugene R. Liebert, this handsome commercial block was once part of the Phoenix Hosiery Co., which also occupied the large concrete building immediately to the east. Here they had a dining room on the ground floor, stock on the second, and knitting machines on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. The owner was Ernst von Baumbach, eldest son of Ludwig, and brother to one of the most important German families in early Milwaukee. Ernst was consul to to the double monarchy of Austria-Hungary for 20 years and before the family moved here his father had been president of the Landtag Hesse Cassel." I'm not sure I understand it all, but it sounds pretty good to me! Hope this helps. Baumbach family of New York City, descendents of Johann Martin Baumbach and Magdalena Bohnenberger of Unterreichenbach, Germany

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Roland Baumbach, Willkommen auf meiner Homepage!

Gary Baumbach, M.D., Department of Pathology, University of Iowa College of Medicine

BAUMBACH ENGINEERING CO. CUSTOM INJECTION PLASTICS 640 National Avenue Mountain View, California 94043  Finally, a place all Dandy Drawer enthusiasts can go to buy their favorite 'do it yourself' storage product.

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