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Picture from approximately 1890

Picture from approximately 1890

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From left to right:

Charles Henry Baumbach DOB 12-18-1906

Bernard August Baumbach DOB 1872 grandfather of W. J.
2006 added I have a DOB of 09-06-1854

The father of Andrew Gotleib Baumbach DOB 09-29-1886 Bernard August Baumbach  DOB 09-06-1854 come from Germany in 1872 age 22.
year 1872 minus 22 years  = the year 1850 would make Bernard August Baumbach 4 years old when he can from Germany
if you added 22 to Bernard August Baumbach DOB then the year 1876 would be the year he came over from Germany.

also note the age Bernard August Baumbach would have been when he had Andrew Gotleib Baumbach either age 14 or 32, I will go with age 32 and say use theses dates
Bernard August Baumbach DOB 09-06-1854
Andrew Gotleib Baumbach DOB 09-29-1886

now for the year or age Bernard August Baumbach came from Germany.
add 22 years to DOB 1854 came over 1876 at the age of 22
came over in the year 1872 less 22 years his age would be 18


Will Baumbach

Virginia Koch (Cook)  Baumbach grandmother on W.J. father side family had teaing?? past?? at ??? and ??? at cherrydale. Virginia Koch ( Cook) was the wife of Bernard August Baumbach DOB 1872.
2006 added I have a DOB of 09-06-1854

Koch was changed to Cook so it was not know they came from Germany

Gus Baumbach

Ruth Baumbach last of children not born at this time

Virginia Koch is grandmother of W. J. Baumbach last name was changes to Cook so they would not know they were German.

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