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Baumbach Picture from 1917

Picture from approximately 1917

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all relations are to W. J. Baumbach D.O.B. 1909

Top: Mary E. Linkens Toombs Grandmother on mothers side

Married three times
Mary E. Linkens Marceron
Mary E. Linkens McStay
Mary E. Linkens Toombs

Top: John Toombs Step-Grandfather "hard to see in back" second (last husband) of Mary E. Linkens

Top: Mary Marceron My Aunt has sister Pearl J Marceron
Mary Ann Marceron-Hager DOD 11-28-1977 Pearl J Marceron-Marsteller DOB 11-03-1898

Left: Andrew Bernard Baumbach Brother 6 years old DOB 03-06-1911

Left: Lower Front: Henry misty cousin 14 years old

Low Center: Joe Macron ?? 15 years old
Might be Joseph A Marceron, Jr BOD 02-20-1905 age would be 12

Low Right: W. J. Baumbach 8 years old DOB 1909


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