Baumbach Name Iinformation about Baumbach plumbing, the first women master plumber in the World, Baumbach's looking for Baumbach's, the history of Baumbach plumbing from Arlington Virginia and Fairfax Virginia, the history of the Baumbach family name and much more...

Plumber from the 1950s. look and see if you know any of them. This is a very large picture and will take time to load. It has very good close-ups of 12 plumbers that use to work for Baumbach. Click on their face to find out there name. some of them are now deceased and other now own their own plumbing business or are retired..

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Slide to the right you will see a total of 12 plumber

This picture is very large I zoomed in close so you can see their faces.

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1: Lail

2: Frank

3: Sam Skibblie

4: Charlies

5: Tylor

6: Don

7: John

8: Don

9: Nick Nickilson of R R Nickilson Plumber left the Baumbach company in the early 1970s to go in business for himself.

10: Francis

11: Ray Commer use to work for McGonegal's if Falls Church. and now has of 03-15-97 work for Gary Eldrige of Homeowners Plumbing in Marifield.

12: Lary

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