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Fixture Flush Valve That Control Jet Works In Oil To Prevent Foreign Matter From Clogging Hole.

Designed By W. J. Baumbach June 1959

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When fixture is flushed by releasing water pressure in chamber #9. tripping valve #11. pressure of water from inlet #1 will force against diaphragm #5. forcing oil from bottom chamber #7. through check valve in steel plate #6. into top chamber #7. causing diaphragm #5. to flatten close to steel plate #6 allowing sufficient flow of water over the edge of seat at space #2. to flush fixture.

While fixture is being flushed part of the water goes through large bypass #5. applying pressure in chamber #9. pressing down on top of diaphragm #8. that in turn applies pressure on oil in chamber #7. forcing it back through small bypass back into chamber #7. that in turn forces diaphragm #5. down on the seat cutting of water to fixture.

The purpose of this design valve is to prevent any foreign matter that may be in the water such as rust, scale or salt from coming in contact with the small bypass hole that controls the opening and closing and speed of the flushing of the fixture. The size of the bypass #3 is 1/8" or approx. 30 times larger then the bypass hole that controls the flush of the fixture. #3 bypass can be made as large as desired as long as the water at valve#11 from tube #10 is released sufficiently fast to let the water escape from chamber #9 faster then the water can enter through #3 and allow diaphragm #8 to be forced up by the oil from bottom chamber #7 and will allow the fixture to flush

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