Baumbach Name Iinformation about Baumbach plumbing, the first women master plumber in the World, Baumbach's looking for Baumbach's, the history of Baumbach plumbing from Arlington Virginia and Fairfax Virginia, the history of the Baumbach family name and much more...

Here are some most important people, they are the labor force working for free to restore the castle. There names are:............

William J. Baumbach II (ME) and Bodo Baumbach

Lisa M. Baumbach (my daughter) Friedrich Wilhelm von Baumbach, William J. Baumbach II (Me), Bodo Baumbach, William J. Baumbach III (My son) Friedrich and Bodo are brothers.

Bill Losch left

Andy B. Baumbach (my brother) right

Stefan Weinbach
Schlossstraße 1
36275 Kirchheim
Tel.: 06625-5970
Fax.: 06625-7870
privat: 06625-919205

Regina Bennett (my x-girlfriend) and Friedrich Wilhelm von Baumbach

This is a sign on the wall of the castle at the front gate