Baumbach Castle Pictures 2002

Germany Trip September 12, 2002

Pictures of all the Baumbachs and friends that came from the USA for the September 12, 2002 meeting at the Baumbach Castle in Germany.

Nearly 20 Baumbachs and friends were expected to be in Germany for the meeting but due to job layoffs and because of the fear of flying on the one-year anniversary of the events from last September 11th the only ones to fly to Germany for this years meeting were myself with girlfriend Regina and one other couple from Dallas Texas. However this years meeting had about 30 members in attendance from Germany and other places, it was a good strong turnout!

Since our last visit in September 2000 there have been many improvements. There is now a fully equipped and functional kitchen. A dumbwaiter has been installed. There are a new set of his and her bathrooms.

All workers at the castle need to be congratulated for all their hard work and the excellent job they have done. The restoration of the castle would not be possible if not for the workers and most importantly the over 150 dues paying members of The Friends Of Tannenberg the German based non-profit association and the generous cash donations made by other individuals.

The Friends of Tannenberg took out about a $30,000.00 loan to add  to the money collected from donations and yearly dues to help pay for all the improvements. Over the past two years about $110,000.00 has been spent. A request was voted on and approved to get a loan for another $20,000.00.

The castle is now making an income from the restaurant (see menu below) the beer garden, hotel, parties and events held by the Allerley Group or (Allerley means something like many things or changes.)

As of 2002 The Friends Of Tannenberg membership is 151 strong and growing. We need more dues paying member to support our cause, PLEASE JOIN NOW

Pictures from 2002

Klaus, Wife, Regina and me.

The castle even has its own private label homemade grape jelly, made in the castles very own kitchen from Elderberries growing on the castle grounds. Sorry about the poor pictures, I did not pack the jar in my suitcase very well and the label got torn during my flight home. This is some of the best tasting jelly I have every had, I liked it so much I purchased about 12 jar's for myself at $2.50 each. The label has the name and picture of the castle, and says homemade on it.

New kitchen

Stove and oven

Storage and refrigerator room

Sink and dishwasher

Dumbwaiter (elevator) used to deliver the food to the second and third floors so they do not need to keep walking up and down the stairs.

Klaus and Alexa working hard cooking breakfast.

Menu for the restaurant. The first paper announces the grand opening of the restaurant, the other two have food and a wine list. (I will post better copies you can read later, they are being mailed to me)

New steps leading to dinning room

Dinning room door entrance was moved from the left side to the right. This was to cut down on drafts.

Copper heating pipes have been installed along the edge of the floor and hidden in the walls.

Fence being put up near the entrance.

Friedrich and grandson

Krista, Friedrich, Regina, William (me)

They even have a mailbox now.

Excavating work

Regina and me

New windows

Apartment view

Beer garden 1

Beer garden 2

Beer garden date that the wall was rebuilt AD MMI = AD 2001

Courtyard. the building on the right is were the wood / propane fired hot water boiler will be installed.


New walkway being installed in courtyard

All pictures from 2002