My sister Lori donated her hair to Wigs For Kids McCall's Magazine

Hello to everyone,

Felt I needed to update everyone on the happenings around here in Winchester land. Much news to share: Macina starts school today (the 8th grade) Monday Aug. 28th. This is her last year in Middle school, next year she will be starting in High School! OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Charli Rose is going to be attending a city run Pre-Kindergarten class. The city school bus picks her up and everything, she starts on Sept. 7th. She is so excited, she has her little back pack and new dresses all ready to go on the "Big Yellow School Bus Just Like Sissy!"

Poet is leaving to do a week long Flea Market in Brimfield Mass. on Sept 5th so he won't be here to see her off, but he has a supply of great merchandise to take up there and we have our fingers crossed that he will do good up there since the end of the Flea Market season is coming to a fast close. He has been working with Native American merchandise lately, getting some great deals on E-Bay, now that we are on-line at home too. Speaking of which, I don't get a chance very often at all to check and return e-mails at my new e-mail address at home. I do however monitor my e-mail at the Auto Body of Vienna Mon - Fri all day long. It would be a great if I only received stuff at the shop, if it is real important feel free to copy both address, just in case. For the normal jokes and whatever it would be cool just to receive them at work. Thanks......

Several months ago I read on-line an article from the Winchester Star about a Hair Cuttery here in Winchester cut a ladies waist long hair for free, gave her a new style and everything, since the lady wanted to donate her hair to cancer victims to make a real life hair wig for them. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. As most of you know, my father passed away from cancer,his last request made to me before he left this world was that I never cut my hair. He was always very fond of long hair on women! Besides a trim here and there, throughout the years I have honored that request. Needless to say as I approach my mid forties I am itching for a new "do". I wrote to McCall's magazine a letter explaining my situation and asked them to consider doing a makeover article featuring long haired ladies getting their hair cut to donate to such a great cause, to the cancer victims! Well, much to my surprise a few days ago I received a phone call from McCall's wanting me to come up to N.Y. City and receive a makeover just like I requested to be featured in the January issue! Pretty cool huh! They are paying my hotel, air fare, meals, etc. Leaving on Mon Sept 25th and coming back the next day Tues. Sept 26th. I am scared to death, I'm afraid that I will look like a complete idiot and I will never be able to go back to work at the auto body shop with all those rednecks to laugh at me. I hope that my father will be proud of me in my decision, they only need 12 inches and I promise that I will grow it right back, I am sure that I will miss it. Wish me luck, and when you see my pictures, please don't laugh too much! Ha, Ha, Ha,

From Kathy at McCall's Magazine:

Hi Lori,

The tickets/itinerary went out today by Fed Ex. Please call if you don't receive them tomorrow (or e-mail). Also, it looks like Inside Edition will cover the story. They have requested you all bring photos of when you were young --with long hair. If you didn't have long hair pls. bring what you have. Best, Kathy 212-499-1710


This is the organization that will be receiving my 10 inch hair donation. I am leaving this Sunday the 24th to go to NY and will be returning home Tues the 26th with my new "do". Wish me luck and make sure you get the January issue of McCalls to check out the article!

Hi there, Wanted to take a few minutes to forward some pictures from my trip last week to N.Y. City. Just a short re-cap: I wrote a letter to McCalls Magazine several months ago letting them know that I was interested in having my waist length hair cut to donate the hair to cancer victims that have no hair due to radiation treatments. They loved my idea, they received similar e-mails from 4 other ladies from across the U.S. They called us and asked if we wanted to come to NY for a make-over and to have our hair cut for their January issue. Of course my answer was YES! Anyway McCall's flew us up last Sunday, put us up in a great French Hotel right up the street from Time's Square! We were waited on hand and food, treated like real celebraties! We were shuffled all over, given manicures, make-up and had a blast. The T.V. crew from Inside Edition followed us around and that show will be aired in January also. It was great, exciting, scary, emotional, etc., the 5 of us got along really well and got to know each other very well by the end of it all! I had Poet scan some of the pictures that I had taken with my camera. I guess they are self explanatory. The one of my in an Indian Wedding Dress Poet included to get an idea of my hair length before it was cut. All in all it was a good time - unfortunately I told them that they could have the required length of 10 inches, they ended up whacking off a good 13 inches after putting it into a pony tail. And then cut another 2 or 3 to style it. So my 10 inches turned into 15 or 16 and my hair is very short. But it will grow back, sooner or later! Charlie Rose likes my hair, she says that I need to wear a dress to work now because I look like a lady. I asked her what I looked like before and she said "You looked like my mommy, silly!" Out of the mouths of babes! Anyway I'll let you know when the Inside Edition show comes on, you can witness me crying after I realized how much hair that they had taken. They were looking for a reaction and they certainly got one out of me! In the group picture that is enclosed, the 5 of us are in the back. The two young girls in the front are two 12 year olds that are cancer victims, they were brought in and interviewed and given a make-over also. They are sporting their "real hair" wigs that were donated to them. It was very touching to say the least, I can't even imagine what they must be going through......... Enjoy the pics, let me know what you think, take care, talk to you soon! Love to all, Lori