Letter to my son and daughter

Letter to my son and daughter

Dear Willie & Lisa

December 1, 1996

Here are some pictures and information about the Baumbach history. You MUST hold onto this information in a safe place for the rest of your lives as it will be of value to you and any children that you may have.

We will start with your Grandfather (my father) William James Baumbach born March 15, 1909 a very famous Plumber, as you should already know. He had two brothers, Charles the oldest and Andrew B. (who your uncle, my brother Andy B. Baumbach is named after) and one sister Virginia. Then his Father (your great-grandfather) Andrew G. Baumbach, a Black Smith, who lived and worked in Washington, D.C. making Horse Shoes and Wagon Wheels before there were Cars. His father, August Baumbach, came straight from Germany to the USA in about 1872. See the enclosed letter my Father wrote for details.

In 1984 my Father(William James Baumbach,) Mother(Beryl Dill Baumbach) and my Grandmother Beryl Alice Little (my mother's mother) made a trip to Germany for two days. I have pictures of their trip if you ever need them.

In July of 1996 I went for three weeks with Regina and the two kids, Jennifer and Mark, to see what my Father saw and to visit with Regina's family.

There is an old Baumbach Castle in Tannenberg, Germany where a long time ago back in the year 909 all the Baumbachs lived. But as time went on and the wars broke out and the shooting Canon came to be the castle did not offer much protection anymore and the Baumbachs slowly moved out across Germany to start other towns. A Baumbach whom they killed during the war owns the castle (WWII) his wife had two sons (see inclosed pictures) by him they now own the Castle. She has remarried under another name and lives near the castle in one of the two towns owned by the Baumbachs. They also own a large forest in Germany.

Today the castle is not fixed up very good. It is more in ruins with broken glass and walls falling down. The Baumbachs are trying to raise money and are collecting many old antiques that have belonged to the Baumbachs over the centuries in hopes to restore it and turn it into a Baumbach museum and pub to sell beer.

Germany is a small country in size compared with the USA. It is only about 800 miles long from North to South and less East to West. On most of the highways in Germany called autobahn there is no speed limit so you can drive as fast as you like. I got to drive more than 130 MPH and I was still being past by other drivers!

There are two towns in Germany with the name Baumbach in them. One is Alheim-Baumbach a small farmer town that is nearest to the Baumbachs and the castle. (about thirty minuets drive) Then there is Ransbach-Baumbach (about two hours drive away) that is a large town that about ten years ago was two independent towns, one named Ransbach and the other just Baumbach. They merged to make one big town with Motels and Shopping Malls and is famous for making Pottery. Neither of the two towns have any Baumbachs living there nor buried in any of the cemeteries. No one in the two towns could tell us why they have named them after Baumbachs other then many years ago Baumbachs started the towns and then moved on across Germany and other places like the USA.

Also enclosed is a copy of a letter that my father started about his live but did not get to finish. I thought you two might like to have it.

Maybe one day when you two get older you will make the trip to Germany to see where your ancestors came from. (and you should you'd like it very much.) Your name Baumbach in Germany is "Von-Baumbach" the "Von" means a higher upper class family being very prestigious and high class a form of royalty. These pictures and letter will come in handy. keep them!


your Dad

William James Baumbach II