K-Mart Shopping Carts

May 22, 1998

July 2002, update... This location of K-Mart has gone out of business.

Ref: K-Mart shopping-carts 6000 Burke Commons Rd. Burke, Va. 22015.

 It is NOT SAFE or attractive for consumers to do business in your shopping center!

After shopping in the center I returned to my vehicle and found I was not able to get into it because there was a K-Mart shopping-cart resting against my driver’s door. I then talked with an assistant manager of K-Mart on 05-16-98 at 12:35PM and told him of my concerns, his response was, "We are taking care of them now!" "So what’s your problem," not liking his response, I then talked with K-Mart manger Bill B. His response to my concerns were met with an, I agree with you 100% attitude. (The enclosed pictures are from the next day)

If I where a merchant in the same shopping center as K-Mart I would have a GREAT concern for the SAFETY and INCONVENIENCE to my customers that the K-Mart shopping-carts are causing.

K-Mart needs to either stop allowing their customers from taking the shopping-carts into the parking lot like Giant or provide a shopping-cart return-area like Target.

No less then 20 merchants have been mailed a copy of this, also the following:
K-Mart, Allied NY., News Media, Fairfax County Consumers of affair, Burke Centre Conservancy., etc. 32 copies in all.

Kmart Response

Kmart Corporation
International Headquarters
3100 West Big Beaver Road
Try MI 48084-3163

June 15, 1998

Wm J. Baumbach II
11612 Fairfax Station Rd
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Dear Mr. Baumbach:

Thank you for your recent letter. First let me apologize for the response you received from our associate when you brought the shopping cart situation to his attention.

The Store Team Manager, Bill Berger, was right to agree with you, as it is our store's procedure to have the shopping carts picked up from the parking lot on a regular basis.

Mr. Baumbach, your frustration is understandable given the circumstances. Enclosed, please find a $25 Kmart Cash Card which can be used in any of our stores for the purchase of merchandise. Use it at your convenience, and please do not allow this one incident to taint your perception of our operation.


Jeff Campbell
Director, Store Operations

Cc: Bill Berger, Store Team Manager, Store #3792
  Mark Dupre, District Manager
  Debra Miela, Legal