Baumbach Plumbing History

Baumbach Office Locations Over the Years

First plumbing shop 1929 in an old garage behind a old small house W.J Baumbach lived in
4439 1/2 N 15 St Arlington Virginia

Large two-story office neon signs, parts store, showroom, dispatch radio tower, 2 Bay auto repair shop with gas pump. The Sunday Star Washington D.C. dated Sunday December 10, 1950 "announces" the opening of this location. 
4147 Wilson Blvd., Arlington Virginia

Branch Office, 1950, same time as Wilson Blvd
614 7th St SW., Washington D.C.

Branch Office, 1960, same time as Wilson Blvd
167 Maple Ave E, Vienna Virginia

Branch Office, 1966, same time as Wilson Blvd
Fairfax Falls Church Sun Echo, Volume 27, Number 35, 7 July 1966 VEPCO water heater ad Baumbach Plumbers, Inc. 280-1700
2500 E. Lee Highway Fairfax Virginia 

House 1980's moved to when the shop on Wilson Blvd was sold
11201 Poplar Rd., Fairfax Station Virginia

House 1990's moved to when the shop on Poplar Rd was sold
11612 Fairfax Station Rd., Fairfax Station Virginia

House 2000's moved to when the shop on Fairfax Station Rd was sold
11608 Fairfax Station Rd., Fairfax Station Virginia (current)

Baumbach Phone Numbers Over the Years

In use today


CHestnut - 3909/ CHes. 3909 / CH. 3909 / 24-3909 / 703-24-3909 Arlington. Was on door of WJ's private office. The Sun newspaper East Falls Church February 10, 1939. This seems to be the first and main phone number at the large office at 4147 Wilson Blvd., Arlington Virginia.

Clar. 1316  Waverley Hills, (Neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia) August 1933 The Independent Record newspaper.

GL. 6116 / 45-6116 GLadstone, GLencourt, GLendale, GLenview, GLobe February 29, 1949 newspaper.

JA-4-1250 /  Jackson-4-1250 / 524-1250 / 703-524-1250 Arlington 1952, 1950's - through today.

703-273-8900 Fairfax, not sure when.

ST-3560 / 78-3560 / Washington D.C. 1950

280-1700 Fairfax Baumbach Plumbers, Inc. 1966

703-250-4200 Fairfax Station Virginia 1980's - through today.

703-690-2244 Manassas Virginia 1980's

The reason for multiple phone numbers with a different exchange i.e. 524, 250, 690 was because people recognized which exchange number was local to where they lived, and a person living in Arlington, 524, was unlikely to call a plumber from Manassas 690. I am not aware of Baumbachs ever having a 800 or other toll free number.

More about Telephone exchange names

  • JA = JAckson, LAfayette, LAkeside, LAkeview, LAmbert, LAwrence
  • CH = CHapel, CHerry, CHestnut, CHurchill, CIrcle 
  • STSTate, STerling, STillwell, STory, SUffolk, SUnset, 


At one time or anther most every family member worked for W. J. Baumbach, Inc.