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He lied in a field with crunched bones and bleeding for four hours before a rural mail carrier found him!

It's good when you find an old newspaper story corroborating old stories your father used to tell you. This one even made the front page news.

Here is some background.

Instead of waiting until he got drafted into World War II, my father voluntarily enlisted. I understand by enlisting he could select which branch of the Service and position. Says the article it was to the ship repair unit of the Navy as a coppersmith first-class.

My father was sure that he was going to died overseas in WWII. He married Louise the mother of his daughter Lillian so they would get the survivor benefits.

He went to his farm in Fairfax Station to get his affairs in order. He was moving a farm tractor and he was wearing very baggy pants, his pants leg got caught up in the rear wheel of the tractor and it pulled him out of the seat, and the tractor ran over him, crushing his leg. Four hours later a rural mail carrier found him!

He had told me they used a hammer and nail to put his broken leg back together, I could see and feel the head of the nail under the skin of his leg.

He also told me, if it was not for him breaking his leg, my brother and I might not have ever been born, because he would have been killed in WWII. 

Sun, Volume 9, Number 18, 31 March 1944 — Page 1

This is in two locations, Louise and WJ
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Andrew Gotleib Baumbach W. J. father newspaper August 29, 1938

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