Potty Patrol Cake 

Here is a "Potty Patrol" Cake

This is a cake that was given to someone for some unknown type of party. Picture was taken by my sister Linda from Maine.

See if you can find the "Flies", "Peanuts" and "Toilet Paper" that is on the cake!

Info my sister provided:

Believe it or not, that cake was in honor of a co-worker's birthday! With friends like that, who needs enemies?????

There is a bakery in Lewiston Maine that specializes in these cakes, but I have forgotten the name. I can find out if anyone really needs to know! Actually, the cake is a very popular item, and if you can get past the looks, it is actually very tasty!!!!

This cake was chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing. The flies were plastic, the peanuts and toilet tissue were real. The "Potty Patrol" was an inside joke because one Saturday some of us were working overtime and one of our supervisor's got nervous because she thought an unauthorized person has broken into our locked building and was using the men's room. She sent one of our "authorized" male workers (whose last name was Poto which earned him the nickname of "Potty") into the men's room to confront this dangerous intruder.

It turned out to be a manager who was driving by and had to answer the call of nature and used his master building key to let himself in. Poto marched into the men's room, saw feet under the door and demanded proof of identity.

Both of these poor guys were so embarrassed! Everyone else had a really good laugh, and they forever after referred to Mr. Poto as the "Potty Patrol." They took every opportunity to "rub his nose in it", and his birthday cake was just one of those opportunities. Another birthday cake the following year was shaped like a toilet, but it was anti-climatic compared to the shit-cake! So now you know the rest of the story!

I think this is from the early 1990's