Charles Henry Baumbach

Is a Plumber, Electrician, and Firefighter Washington D. C.

Charles Henry Baumbach

Charles Henry Baumbach, Born December 18,1906 in Washington, D.C. Died February. 21, 1992 in Orlando, Florida. He was buried at Washington National Cemetery, Suitland , Maryland beside his first wife Erma Lee Neely Baumbach.

He is W. J. Baumbach oldest brother.

Erma Lee Neely, Charles first wife, Born May 5,1908 in Washington, D.C. Died April 12, 1969. Arlington ,Virginia. They were married February 8,1925.

Ruth Eckert Dimond, Charles second wife, Born May 3 unknown Died April 1993. They married June 15, 1970.

Charles and Erma had two daughters Betty Lee Born December 3,1926 in Washington, D.C. and Charlene Ann Born June 23, 1936 in Washington, D.C. Betty Lee married Jan. 9, 1943 to Joseph Russell Hallett, Born July 25, 1920, and divorced in December. 1976. They had one daughter B. J. Born November 14, 1951. She had two sons. Russell Charles Wright Born January 30, 1969. He is married to Yvonne Rhinehardt Born July 2, 1964. They live in California. Kevin David Wright Born August 14, 1973. He is married to Dena Marie Skovranko Born October 1, 1973. They have one daughter Katelyn Marie Wright Born September 1, 1995. They live in Virginia.

B. J. granddaughter of Charles and Erma and daughter of Betty Lee is remarried to Robert Twigg. Born December. 8, 1946. They live in Virginia. Betty Lee lives in Florida.

Charlene Ann (youngest daughter of Charles) Married August 30, 1958 to Dorsey Brooke Smith Born June 7, 1936. They had two children Darren Charles Born December. 31, 1959. He married September 8, 1984 Margaret Rose Meays Born May 27, 1961. They have two children Brian Dorsey Born May 21,1986 and Kristine Ann Born June 30,1987. They live in California. (Grandson of Charles & Erma Baumbach)

Barrett Lee Born August 27, 1961, married April 25, 1992 to Peter Kinam Shin Born December 21,1962. They live in California. (Granddaughter of Charles and Erma Baumbach)

Charlene Ann (youngest daughter of Charles) & Dorsey (husban) have lived in California since Charles and Erma’s grandchildren were small but they have always kept in close touch with the family in the east. visiting frequently. They still reside in California, and are about to celebrate their 40th. wedding anniversary on August 30, 1998.

See image I added of newspaper about this 25th anniversary 2023-09-21

Charles Henry Baumbach married Erma Lee Neely in a Triple Wedding Ceremony in Washington D. C. (Note of interest: the same minister that confirmed Charles on March 28, 1920 and married all three couples on February. 7, 1925 also came to their 25th wedding anniversary. One of the other couples also attended the other couple were unable to attend due to an illness.)

Charles was in the first class to finish at the New Fire Department Drill School in Washington, D.C. in December 1928.

His father in-law was captain on the Washington D.C. fire dept. and got Charles the job there.

He was a registered General Contractor, Electrician, and Plumber.

He did a little of it all. He was a very hard worker and dedicated family man.

He was a 32nd. degree Scotch Rite Mason, Alexandria, Va.

Acca Shriner in Richmond, Va. 12-01-1950 Charter member Kena Shriner in Fairfax, Va. 07-13-1951 member #59

Like his brother William James Baumbach he could take a car motor apart and put is back as good if not better then new.

He loved fishing and golf.

Also he and Erma liked the horse races. He owned with his daughter Betty Lee a couple of horses that they raced when she was living in Virginia.

Charlene was looking through a little book our mother Erma had and ran across some dates and inclosing them for your information. They are just dates she had made on different pieces of paper.

Andrew Gotlieb Baumbach Married Lillie May McStay May 6, 1889 (Charles Henry, Andrew Bernaed & W. J., Baumbach father & mother)

Virginia Augusta Baumbach Born December 6, 1904 Washington D.C. married Newton Eldsworth Smith December 27,1924. They had two children Norma Lorraine Born February 7,1927 and Virginia Lee Born December 6,1931 I believe both girls were born in Washington, D. C. (??were are they NOW!??)

Virginia Lee was living in Naples, Florida the last I saw her.

Andrew Bernard Baumbach Born March 6, 1911 in Washington D. C. married Mary Spicer July 7, 1940.

I have some pictures of Charles H. & Erma (wife) also one of Mary Spicer Baumbach (Andrew B. wife) and one of Winfred Baumbach wife of Great Uncle Will who lived in S.E. Washington he was Granddaddy Baumbachs brother I believe. He and Aunt Winnie are also buried at Washington National Cemetery, in Suitland, Maryland . They had no children.

Will try and get copies of photos to you soon. Thanks again for all your time and effort you are putting into this.

If I can be of any further help please let me know.

Neil and I both appreciate what you are doing. Neil was quite fond of Daddy and a big help in doing for him when he became ill.



William - I sent a note to Charlene and Mother (Betty) about your Web Page. Hopefully they will be able to send you more information about my Grandfather (Charles).

My immediate family history is: Name: B.J. Webb

Husban: Robert Twigg.

Two sons, Russell Charles Wright; Kevin David Wright. Kevin’s wife is Dena Marie Wright. They have one daughter Katelyn Marie Wright, 2 years old (DOB September 1, 1995).

Thanks for the info on the home movies. Looking forward to getting together to seeing them. We just got back from 3 weeks in Pine Island and gearing up for the Fall Governor’s Race.

William, I heard about your web site and enjoyed it thoroughly. My sister Charlene told me about it. Great work ! I plan to look into other Baumbach info you have listed. Read about castle and your dads business and family info you have on it. By the way tell your mother hi from us. By the way I'm Charles oldest daughter, Betty in Orlando, Florida. Come by if you are in the area. E-mail=

From = Betty Lee Baumbach -Hallett


This is Barrett Lee (Smith) Shin, granddaughter of Charles Baumbach. My mother ("Charlene") , informed me about your "web page". It is great!!!! I never had seen the family picture before.

We have a copy of the letter and have had it translated by a friend of ours that is German. It is in "old German" he said and some had difficulty translating it, but it is close enough.

I live in Stockton, which is about 10 miles from Lodi and when I am in Lodi, I often see the "Baumbach" name which brings back fond memories of my grandfather. Did your father (Uncle Willie) invent Luster Rock (?). If so, our house was meant for me. Our whole house has it (kitchen and both bathrooms). If so maybe you should mention it in the Invention’s section. I really loved looking at all this family history. What a thrill. Please give my regards to your family.

Peter and Barrett Shin

Charlene Ann Baumbach


Baumbach three brothers

Charles Henry Baumbach. W. J. Baumbach older brother. Born December 18, 1906

William James Baumbach (my father) Born March 15, 1909

Andrew "Bernie" Bernard Baumbach. W. J. Baumbach younger brother. Born March 6, 1911

Charles WJ Bernie.jpg

Sun, Volume 15, Number 12, 10 February 1950 — Page 11

Triple Wedding Ceremony in Washington D. C. February. 7, 1925 also came to their 25th wedding anniversary.

Charles H Baumbach Obituary.jpg

3 Couples Celebrate 25th Anniversary 

Tripple Wedding 25th Anv 1950-02-10.jpg

Charles Rescues 225-Pound man from 3d Floor Building on Fire

Charles Fire Rescue 1937-04-23 .pdf

Home address 1958

Newspaper 1958 had a home address 2235 N. Nottingham St. Arlington, Va.