Louise Carter Baumbach

Mother of Lillian Ann Baumbach, the first woman plumber

About Louise Ann Carter Baumbach

Louise Ann Carter a.k.a. Louise Carter Hough a.k.a. Louise Baumbach

Louise was born September 12, 1912 died August 13, 2009 at the age of 96.

Louise's first husband 09/07/1925 at the age of 12 years was Vance Mayfield Hough, divorce started with a decree - a mensa et thoro on 10/31/1927 & finalized 02/20/1962. Louise was married to my father W. J. Baumbach, 04/07/1941 but unknowingly was stilled married to Vance, the marriage was annulled 02/06/1962. Separation date 08/03/1959. Louise was with W. J Baumbach for about 31 years, from the start of his plumbing business in 1928.

According to Lydia, it was Louise that gave my father W. J. Baumbach the idea to carry plumbing material on his truck so he did not have to keep driving back and forth.

Louise is the mother of Lillian Ann Baumbach, the first woman Master Plumber

Soon, Lillian's two daughters, Wendy and Lydia will be sharing their memories and some stories about their Mother Lillian, and Grandmother Louise. I will add this info when they send it to me.

Pictures of Louise

3rd from the left

Burnie and Mary Baumbach, Louise, Lillian, her daughter Wendy, and husband George William Jacobs.

Lillian others 2055-12-25.jpg

W. J. Baumbach & Louise, June 1929. The little girl is Mary, from Louise's first marriage. I am sure she is a few months pregnant with Lillian in this picture, who was born January 04, 1930.

WJ Louise Mary June 1929.jpg

Obituary of Louise

On Thursday, August 13, 2009, Louise quietly passed away at home be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She was one month shy of her 97th birthday.

Born September 12, 1912, in Waterford, VA., Louise was the 9 of 11 children to Rebecca Mauck Carter and John Henry Carter of Brentsville, VA. Louise resided in Arlington, VA., for most of her young and middle adult life. In her later years she lived in Heathsville, VA., next door to her sister Nellie Couch. This was the home she truly loved for more than 30 years. For the last five years, she lived with her granddaughter Wendy Stafford in Clayton, N.C.

She was preceded in death by her precious daughters, Mary Louise Hubbard of Front Royal, VA., and Lillian Baumbach Jacobs, of Smithfield, N.C.

Louise is survived by one sister and best friend Nellie Carter Couch of Woodbridge, VA., five loving grandchildren, Janice Anita Hart of Front Royal, VA., John Henry Collier of Manassas, VA., Wendy Jacobs Stafford of Clayton, N.C., Michael Andrew Collier of West Monroe, LA., and Lydia Jacobs North of Burleson, TX., niece Mollie Louise Posey of Woodbridge, VA., nephew Rudy Gabriletto of Falls Church VA., nine great-grandchildren, two great-great-grandchildren, numerous nieces, nephews, and family members who loved her dearly. Being a homemaker most of her life, Louise's life long dream to be a nurse, became a reality. Louise Baumbach. "L.P.N.", was employed at Fairfax Nursing Center in Fairfax, VA.

As a compassionate and natural caregiver, she showered us all with absolute unconditional love. Louise Ann Carter Baumbach was quite a remarkable Christian lady who will be greatly missed by all who were blessed to have known her.

We are now overfilled with joy as Louise has begun her awaited journey, which will be forever in eternal glory.

In Lieu of flowers, please support the local hospice in your community.

The family will receive friends at Jones-Ash Funeral Home, Rainswood, Va., on Saturday, Aug. 22 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Funeral services will be held in the Funeral Home Chapel at 11 a.m. Burial to follow at Historic Christ Church Cemetery, Irvington, Va.

Online remembrances may be made at jonesashfuneralhome.com (2023 website no longer exists.)

Tractor Crushes Leg of W. J. Baumbach

He lied in a field with crunched bones and bleeding for four hours before a rural mail carrier found him!

It's good when you find an old newspaper story corroborating old stories your father used to tell you. This one even made the front page news.

Here is some background.

Instead of waiting until he got drafted into World War II, my father voluntarily enlisted. I understand by enlisting he could select which branch of the Service and position. Says the article it was to the ship repair unit of the Navy as a coppersmith first-class.

My father was sure that he was going to died overseas in WWII. He married Louise the mother of his daughter Lillian so they would get the survivor benefits.

He went to his farm in Fairfax Station to get his affairs in order. He was moving a farm tractor and he was wearing very baggy pants, his pants leg got caught up in the rear wheel of the tractor and it pulled him out of the seat, and the tractor ran over him, crushing his leg. Four hours later a rural mail carrier found him!

He had told me they used a hammer and nail to put his broken leg back together, I could see and feel the head of the nail under the skin of his leg.

He also told me, if it was not for him breaking his leg, my brother and I might not have ever been born, because he would have been killed in WWII. 

Sun, Volume 9, Number 18, 31 March 1944 — Page 1

This is in two locations, Louise and WJ
Crushes Leg Baumbach 1944-03-31.jpg

Notes about Louise

It is said by Lydia that it was Louise that gave my father W. J. Baumbach the idea to carry plumbing material on his truck, so he did not have to keep driving back and forth. Added 2023/09/24.


From my mother Beryl in an email June 26, 2006.

Here are a few answers for you.  Lillian's second husband- last name Lamb First name not sure.

Next page.  Dad's 1st wife: Louise Carter Hough. Kids: Louise's first husband: Vance M. Hough they had Mary Hough who married a Hubbard. who lived in Fairfax Station.  If you really want any of her info Wendy would be able to help you.  I know no more on her.  And yes that makes her a half-sister.to Lillian.  Mary did not live with Dad & Louise.  He told me she visited lots and maybe stayed off and on and used to do things to come between Dad & Louise when she was older.

Dad married twice right?  yes and no.  He went through a ceremony 4/7/41 when Lillian would have been 11 because he signed up to go in the service and said he would never return and wanted them to get benefits if he was killed.  He broke his leg and couldn't go.  Louise filed for a divorce and this is when the shit hit the fan.

Louise & Vance filed for a divorce years ago, but didn't go back for final papers so as of 1962 they were still married.  I don't know if they ever straightened that out, but anyway because she was still married to Vance the court ANNULLED  Louise's and Dad's wedding ceremony that happened 4/7/41. This happened 2/6/62. Enough for today.  Love, Mom